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There’s a video that’s been making the rounds online recently that claims to really “bring the message home” about drug addiction.  It features a young boy being told that his mother has died from a drug overdose.

“This video really puts things in perspective”, the post says.

No, it doesn’t.  It continues to show that people in our society have no shame in doing whatever it takes to “go viral”.

It’s appalling that this would be filmed and put on the internet.  And I thought that police taking pictures of dead OD’d parents with kids in the car was bad….

Who consented to this?  Because I know it wasn’t that child, who doesn’t deserve to have his grief spotlighted in such a public manner.

Why does everything these days need to be twisted into something involving shock value in order to “put perspective” on an issue?  Why wasn’t this boy allowed to grieve in private, instead of having someone with a camera and a holier-than-thou attitude shoot it and put it on the web because of THEIR inflated idea of a moral compass?  Sometimes you just need to leave things be.  Not EVERYTHING is an opportunity for others to stand on a self-created pedestal and spread some message to make themselves feel important or responsible for any “movement”.

I didn’t ask to become involved in this young boy’s grief by way of viewing a video clip, and I’m not going to view it.  It’s not my right to watch this and then base a hollow opinion on his family or background, just as it wasn’t the right of anyone to record this and put it on the internet for millions of people to have access to.

I sympathize with this boy for losing his mother, especially in the manner that he lost her.  But I also fear that when he gets older, and forms a better understanding of the world around him, he’ll end up seeing this video clip and it could completely shatter him, mentally and emotionally.

This is absolutely disgusting, and there is no argument valid enough to change my stance on this.

Why do people need to take something so private and so fragile and put a blinding spotlight on it?  When will millennials stop shoving every issue up its own ass?