WrestleMania 27 Delivers (for the most part)

Posted: April 4, 2011 in events, news, wrestling

Last night was WrestleMania 27, with over 70,000 packing the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

I paid $29 and watched it at a multiplex theater in HD with about 300 other WWE fans. Always an amazing experience. I was grabbing some pizza from the concession and ran into several other fans, sporting garb such as John Cena and Undertaker t-shirts (such as the one I wore myself, see my photos with the Trailer Park Boys for reference). I also wore my Bret Hart cap and Edge pendant, so I was pretty much the stereotypical WWE mark for one night only.

Called it!

Overall, I thought Mania 27 delivered on the hype. There were a few decisions made that I didn’t agree with, and of course it had its share of filler, but for the matches I was looking forward to the most, WWE hits a huge bull’s eye, in my book.

Taken from the WWE Parallel Universe page on Facebook, my overall thoughts on each bout at WrestleMania 27:

Edge vs Del Rio: Nobody could’ve suspected this would go on first, but they had the task of getting the crowd fired up and I think they delivered. Strong match and I was surprised to see Edge retain. I thought for sure Christian was turning heel, especially when he brought out the weapons to smash up Del Rio’s car. Guess not.

Rhodes vs Mysterio: Glad to see Cody get the win here. Solid match with some good action, and I loved that stalling superplex that Cody did. Must’ve had Rey upside down for at least 10 seconds. THAT’S how you create your own WrestleMania moment.

Loved seeing Rock and Austin interact. Attitude Era FTW!

8-Man Tag: Waste of time. The Corre has the Tag and IC Titles, and no heat at all. Feel a little bad for them, but hey, at least one faction made it to Mania. Nexus sat at home.

Savage vs Steamboat 2011

Orton vs Punk: Great match. Very physical. Punk is not a “sports entertainer”, he’s a WRESTLER and he goes out of his way to let people know that. I think he pulled a great performance out of Orton and it’ll be a match that sticks out on Randy’s resume. Loved the submission attempts by Punk, especially the Anaconda Vice. Cool RKO spot to finish it.

Lawler vs Cole: This was the Mania 27 version of Bret/Vince last year. Went on far too long, and what the hell’s the deal with reversing the decision? If they cut short the beer celebration, let Lawler win the match with no reverse decision and shaved 5 minutes off the match, we would’ve got the US Title match. Forgettable contest.

Nothing short of incredible.

Taker vs HHH: Absolutely epic. Blew away my expectations. Those two destroyed each other. Loved seeing Taker get airborn with that splash on the outside as I wasn’t sure he’d ever do that again after Sim Snuka didn’t catch him at WM25. Spinebuster through the Spanish table was brutal.

I loved the last five minutes because it was amazing storytelling. Last year, Taker told HBK to stay down and last night HHH told Taker the same thing.

I have to say, for a SPLIT SECOND I thought the streak was over. When Taker grabbed HHH by the throat, only it was a weak attempt and HHH Tombstoned him, I thought it was over. HHH enduring Hell’s Gate while trying to grab the sledge was fantastic. Taker collapsing after it was over and being carted away was great drama. Just an incredible match.

Personally, I thought it was a better match than Taker/HBK 2 from last year, but not quite on the level of WM25. Then again, it’s two very different styles coming from HBK and HHH. Taker is the greatest of all time. He’s the true Mr. WrestleMania.

6-man tag: The buffer match. Couldn’t care less about it.

Miz vs Cena: I liked the video packages hyping the two, but Cena’s entrance was terrible and the Georgia Dome crapped all over it. I see Cena’s now pimping red kiddie gear.

I wanted to like the match, I really did. In the end though, I just thought it was average, and average is not what you pull out at WrestleMania. And I’m not deliberately picking on him, but Cena just seemed to be off his game. Like it was a bad day at the office. Miz looked fierce and determined, as he should’ve, but Cena just looked kind of there like he wasn’t putting his full effort into it. Did anyone else notice this?

I thought it was a bold move going for the fake double countout finish, but The Rock restarting the match was obvious. Then Cena eats a Rock Bottom and Miz is still Champ. That made me happy. Show closing with Rock was the right move because he was at the center of all the hype and promotion.

It’ll be interesting to see what develops on Raw tonight.

Overall, I thought it was a very strong WrestleMania. I enjoyed it more than 25 and 26. There were a couple things I didn’t like and it’s too bad the US Title match got cut, but far more positives than negatives in my view. The WWE Title match should’ve been so much better and Cena has no excuse for going through the motions (at least in my opinion), but it was cool to see Miz go from opening Mania last year to main eventing it last night. It shows that WWE can still make superstars.

Overall, I’d give it an 8/10. Though I was looking forward to a couple matches on the undercard, I was watching this mainly for Taker/HHH and The Rock’s involvement and I was not disappointed at all. Great show.

The overall opinion as far as the net is concerned is that Mania 27 suffered from the same would that 25 did in 2009, where one match was so epic that nothing was going to top it. Because Triple H and The Undertaker produced such an instant classic, the WWE Title match between The Miz and John Cena suffered from an exhausted crowd. Aside from that, the match was very sub-par to begin with and Cena was going through the motions, for which he has no excuse. Miz completely outperformed him and he was the right man to walk out with the WWE Title. At least in that sense, I was happy with the WrestleMania main event.

In a nutshell, it was more enjoyable than the last two Manias, but 24 still holds up very well as far as being the last epic WrestleMania. I think 27 will go down as the show that gave back to the older fans and was a bit of a throwback to the Attitude Era, which pleases viewers like myself. In my view, it deserves every bit of success that WWE hopes it reached, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was able to break the one million PPV buyrate mark.

Raw tonight is definitely gonna be interesting.

I’m out,


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