WrestleMania 27 winners + losers

Posted: March 31, 2011 in events, wrestling

With nine matches on the card, I think WrestleMania 27 has a good balance of solid undercard bouts mixed with top billing main events. As always, it’s a 4-hour show and depending on what they want to accomplish, WWE will sometimes cram as many matches as they can on the card. Personally, I think getting into double digits when it comes to the number of matches is really pushing it. As I’ve said before, today’s audience can be very fickle and stubborn. Some people don’t want to to sit through 3 or 4 undercard matches that they aren’t as excited for as they are the main events. Secondly, the more matches on the card, the less time that some of the bigger ones will have. Nine matches in four hours will mean that each main event will get ample time to create lasting Mania moments, while the bouts on the undercard should have a few extra minutes to try and steal the show.

So without further Apu, these are my predictions for WrestleMania 27 this Sunday.

1. United States Title – Sheamus (C) vs Daniel Bryan: There isn’t any real hype surrounding this one. It’s really just a way to get these two on the Mania card, but I like the fact that the US Title is being defended at Mania for the first time in four years. But who knows? These two could come out and put on a sleeper hit of a match even if they were only given six or seven minutes. And despite this being a bout with no heat behind it, it’s still awesome to see someone with the reputation of Daniel Bryan make it to the biggest PPV on Earth in his first year in the WWE, especially considering the whole “Tie-Gate” fiasco from last June. Sheamus has apparently been in the proverbial doghouse with management in recent months, but him beating Bryan for the US Title a couple weeks ago on Raw was a step in the right direction. Frankly, this one is hard to call. Sheamus could retain and keep the title for a lengthy run, or WWE may want to kick Mania off with a title switch and put Bryan over as being a top player someday soon. I’m going with Sheamus retaining, but I think Bryan will have a great showing and I’d love to see the audience give him some form of ovation.
WINNER: Sheamus, retains US Title

2. 6-Person Tag Team match – John Morrison, Trish Stratus & Snooki vs Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool: I don’t have high hopes for this. Nobody does. This is the prerequisite “Let’s pay a celebrity with a briefcase full of cash to give us publicity” match that usually comes with WrestleMania every year. Its spot should be near the beginning of the show so that it’s out of the way and we can forget about it while we gear up for the main events and other undercard matches. I don’t watch Jersey Shore, although I know who Snooki is, and she seems to me like a stuck up and catty bitch who has no business being famous and involved in WWE, let alone WrestleMania. Whatever. It’s just a shame Morrison and Ziggler are the ones who have to put up with this bullshit. You gotta think that they would’ve been two of the odds-on favorites to win the Money in the Bank Ladder match if WWE decided to hold one at Mania this year. And although it’s nice seeing Trish Stratus back on WWE TV, has she even been allowed to say two words on the microphone? Nope. Gotta give Vickie Guerrero all the promo time! Same goes for Michelle McTaker! Lord, just please end this mess in 5 minutes or less.
WINNERS: Morrison & the women

3. Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes: I like what these two may produce with this match. The objective behind Mania 27, as far as Vince McMahon is concerned, is to begin making the transition from the current crop of main event talent in WWE to making tomorrow’s top stars. Guys like the Undertaker and HHH won’t be around for much longer and McMahon is only now starting to realize that he needs more wrestlers who audiences will invest their time and money in. Cody Rhodes is one of those guys. I freely admit that when he first debuted in the WWE and for his first couple of years in, I was no fan of his. Didn’t like his look, didn’t like his voice and he didn’t stand out in the ring, in my book. Since his move to Smackdown a while back, I’ve seen major improvement and he’s definitely a guy to watch in the future. I like this whole deranged personality he’s taken on since Mysterio smashed his face with his knee brace, and I think Rhodes will walk out with a major upset and we’ll see this feud continue over the next couple of “B” PPVs.
WINNER: Cody Rhodes

4. 8-Man Tag Team match – The Corre vs Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov: To me, this is the 2nd filler match of WrestleMania. I would be a lot more enthused about this one if WWE had went with what I originally wanted, and that’s Diesel taking the place of Marella and Koslov. This didn’t even need to be an 8-man tag if Big Daddy Cool were involved. What the hell are Marella and Koslov even doing in this match? Does creative think 70,000 people are gonna go nuts over Santino doing that stupid Cobra stunt? (I don’t even call that a move, let alone a finisher) People can criticize Kevin Nash all they want; the fact is that people went ballistic over his return at the Royal Rumble in January, and he looked good for the three minutes he was in the battle royal. It was also Corre leader Wade Barrett who eliminated Diesel, who then stared down Big Show on his way out. Plus, Mania is in Atlanta, where Nash spent a huge chunk of his career in WCW. Finally, when I was growing up I was a huge Diesel fan; I cut the fingertips off every pair of black gloves I got my hands on and would Jackknife powerbomb my younger brother on a pair of mattresses whenever the mood struck me. How cool would it have been to see everything come full circle, both for Nash himself and his longtime fans like myself? You can’t deny that it would be quite the sight to see Nash get a hold of someone small like Justin Gabriel and Jackknife him to oblivion. Anyway, enough daydreaming on my part, I guess. I pray that The Corre takes the win here, because something big has to happen for these guys since the group has the Tag Team and Intercontinental titles.
WINNERS: The Corre

5. Randy Orton vs CM Punk: I’m really looking forward to this one. It’s not that this is a new match – we’ve seen Punk and Orton go at it before – but it’s a new dynamic in that Punk’s the heel and Orton’s the babyface. In my book, Punk is the strongest guy on the microphone in the entire WWE because he believes what he says and that comes through to the viewers. He doesn’t do lame, schoolyard comedy and he doesn’t seem to try too hard to get his point across or mimic someone more popular (COUGH Miz COUGH). Which is why I’ve really bought into this rivalry he has with Randy Orton. Bringing up the footage from September 2008 of Orton punting Punk in the skull and forcing him to relinquish the World Heavyweight Title was a bold move and at the same time, it makes perfect sense. WWE’s usual practice is to never bring up something that happened over a year ago, so looking back on something that happened over 2.5 years ago was nice to see. Though WWE has really dropped the ball with the whole New Nexus stable, having Orton plow his way through all of them to get to Punk was a smart way to get the audience invested in the feud. I was glad to see Punk gain a lot more heat heading into this match on the last two episodes of Raw, and for me this is the toughest match to predict a winner. Whoever does come out on top, the angle could still continue over the next couple of months. I’d love to see these two get a good chunk of time, something like 15 minutes to really try and steal the show. I’m going with Orton to walk out the winner, but Punk may even attack him after the bell to continue this feud.
WINNER: Randy Orton

6. Stone Cold Steve Austin as Special Guest Referee, Michael Cole vs Jerry “The King” Lawler: I’m not a fan of Michael Cole playing an active part in WWE programming. Don’t like the guy and I never will. And I don’t mean “He’s a heel so I’m being geared to dislike him”. I mean I hate his voice, I hate his face and he comes off as being someone with a huge ego when he gets a small taste of the spotlight. And if you read the 80 million ‘news’ sites, recent reports are saying that Cole indeed has grown a huge ego since taking on the role of a heel commentator. Hell, the guy even called Josh Matthews a faggot on Twitter. Man, I would’ve paid to hear Cole get his ass chewed out by McMahon over that one. Anyway, we all know what this match is gonna be – a platform for Cole to have the shit kicked right out of him by Lawler. WWE has done a great job of keeping the distance between Lawler and Cole, with The King never able to get his hands on the little SOB. So at Mania, I expect nothing less than a severe ass-whipping and a Stone Cold Stunner to go along with it.
WINNER: Jerry Lawler

7. World Heavyweight Title – Edge (C) vs Alberto Del Rio: Given enough time, this could be off the charts. Despite being on the same roster and given a massive push since debuting in the WWE, Del Rio has never had that much physicality with Edge aside from one match on Smackdown last November and fighting for the World Title a month later at the TLC PPV. I really like that because the biggest matches at WrestleMania should mainly be between guys who will produce a the most unpredictable matches. We shouldn’t know what we’re gonna see in the main event at WrestleMania, and with Edge/Del Rio, we don’t. This one has been given a ton of great build-up since Del Rio won the Royal Rumble two months ago. Would it have been cool to see the heavily rumored match between Edge and Christian instead? Absolutely. But WWE has a ton of faith in Del Rio and he’s getting top marks across the board, it seems. I have to question WWE’s logic in having Christian go over Del Rio back to back in matches on Smackdown recently after he returned from injury. I thought it took away a lot of Del Rio’s heat heading into Mania, but him standing over a beaten Edge and Christian on Raw this week was at least a way to try and make up for that. Del Rio has big Brodus Clay in his corner and Edge has his lifetime buddy Christian. Obviously, those two are gonna get involved and when it comes right down to it, I see a new World Champion being crowned after Captain Charisma turns on the Rated R Superstar.
WINNER: Alberto Del Rio, NEW World Heavyweight Champion

8. WWE Championship – The Miz (C) vs John Cena: Obviously, this one is getting a ton of buzz based on the fact that The Rock will be involved in some form. One thing I wish WWE had established is exactly WHAT Rock’s role in the match is, because I’m sure Miz and Cena don’t want a bunch of people in the Georgia Dome looking at the entrance and waiting for Rock to come down in the middle of their main event title match. We’ve seen Miz and Cena mix it up a lot in the past, but obviously this is a different time and different dynamic in that it’s Wrestle-Fucking-Mania. I’m no Cena fan, but when he wants to, he can really turn it up in the ring and The Miz has come so far in the past year in all facets of his career. Christ, last year he was OPENING WrestleMania, and 12 months later he’s main eventing it. Love him or hate him, that says so much about him and the faith that WWE has in him to be an elite top superstar. I don’t expect it to be a classic of any sorts, but it should definitely be dramatic. One thing I’ve been tinkering around in my head is the prospect of WWE trying to mimic WrestleMania 13 in some form – Cena playing the part of Bret Hart as he shows a viciousness against the Miz much like the Hitman did to Stone Cold. I’m not saying turn Cena full-blown heel or Miz babyface, but something besides the boring “Cena trying to persevere” formula. As for the ending, who really knows? Rock may get involved in deciding who walks out the Champion, or he may wait until it’s over. One thing I do know – Miz is keeping the WWE Title and Cena is eating a Rock Bottom. I’m going with Miz retaining for two reasons; first, because he’s been treated like such a third wheel in this whole drama between Cena and Rock and second, because Cena doesn’t need the win whereas Miz does. There’s only so many times John Super-Cena can defy the odds and walk out of WrestleMania with the title in his hands. Sunday is not one of those times.
WINNER: The Miz, retains WWE Championship

9. No Holds Barred match, The Undertaker vs Triple H: Besides the presence of The Rock, this collision is what sold me on this year’s WrestleMania. I cannot wait for this match. I was one of the first people that started saying that HHH and Taker should have a match at Mania, but it seemed everyone around me was saying “No, HHH has to fight Sheamus to get his revenge for taking him out” and “Taker is facing Wade Barrett because the Nexus helped bury him alive”. I didn’t buy those matches for two reasons; first, with his career likely winding down in the next year or two, Undertaker should only be facing guys at Mania who are either top guys like himself (Cena, HBK, HHH) or are about to break through the proverbial glass ceiling. Second, because with the way Mania was taking shape, it lacked that one blockbuster, special attraction match. This is it. The two longest-tenured veterans in the WWE locker room are gonna rip each other to shreds at the biggest show of the year and for my money, THIS is the main event much like Taker’s epic with HBK was in 2009. I think if the scenarios play out as I think they will in the World and WWE Title matches, this is the best choice to feature as the show closer. It’ll be much different than Taker’s matches with HBK in the sense that instead of David v Goliath, it’s simply two powerhouses going at it, which is a welcome change of pace. I’m interested to see how these two shake off the ring rust they likely have. Taker hasn’t wrestled since last October and HHH has been on the shelf longer than that, having been out of the ring since last April. Hopefully these two are given a lot of time, like a good 20-25 minutes to tell their story and produce the kind of carnage we’re sure to see. I loved HBK’s involvement in the build to this match, especially how he showed doubt over whether his best friend HHH could beat Taker since he couldn’t in two years. I think it’ll be brutal, epic and storytelling at its finest. And of course, Taker will notch the WrestleMania streak to 19-0.
WINNER: The Undertaker


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