Feelin’ fine

Posted: March 25, 2011 in life

Though I can’t attest to the mental state of actor/party animal/tiger blood drinker Charlie Sheen, I can relate to his life-loving, free-spirited nature right about now, as things are looking up in Ruttle country these days.

You and me both, buddy!

First off and best of all, I got a raise at work. Even better, it was for more than I originally saw myself getting. For this, I am extremely happy. I’m very grateful that I get to make a decent living at what I love, and let’s face it, what I do best. I get to talk with people, attend all sorts of events all over the place (for free) and craft stories around my experiences. For a guy living in small town Saskatchewan, it’s a catch of a job.

Second, and also in relation to my job, I’m looking at two very big cheques coming my way when it comes to going “out in the field”. I attended five days of the recent Brigitt Blanchard murder trial up in Saskatoon, another trip up to attend Lisa Rendall’s Citizen of the Year banquet and a trip to Elbow last month to take a photo. This really racks up the miles on my trusty Ford Fusion, and I get compensated 45 cents per kilometer. Suffice to say, I’m looking at more than $500 for driving a car that’s very fuel efficient in the first place. Can you say profit?

Third, my Stephen King film adaptation is really coming along, which is explained in much more detail below in another post. Right now I’m just looking for actors to get interested in the script and I’m trying to put dollar figures together to determine what kind of budget I’ll be working with. And then I start raising that dough.

Finally, I’m just looking at the next few months with a lot of positivity. Bad days come and go as they will but despite everything, spring is in the air and snow is starting to melt, which always seems to better your attitude. I’m also thinking about summer plans, of which I have none set in stone other than a hopeful trip up to Pratt Lake with the guys and a road trip to Insert-Place-Here.

In short……WINNING!


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