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Gang 04 Films: Start of a legacy?

Posted: January 17, 2011 in film, life, writing

You know, right around the start of 2011 I kept thinking I should get on here and write out this long, tedious entry about all the things I wanna do in the new year and what I think the next twelve months will bring in my life. But I say to Hell with that. Work is work, life is life and at the end of the day, getting the most out of both is an ongoing process for everybody, regardless of what you do.

I will say that looking back on the year that was, 2010 sure produced a lot of great memories for me.

When it comes to my job, it’s amazing how fast-paced this gig reveals itself to be when I think of any specific issues of The Outlook. Stories come and go and despite the feeling of accomplishment over one or two particular issues, it’s onto the next within a couple days. Just before we left for the New Year’s holiday weekend, I put the last remaining touches on our annual Year in Review feature, and it was dumbfounding to realize just how fast time has passed. I was reading my coverage of the Kraft Celebration Tour’s stop in Outlook, and couldn’t believe that it’s now been almost five months since that took place.

Outside of the office, it was still a Hell of a year. Among the highlights:

– Our family getting a new TV after all these years at the end of January. (the old box design one still works though) In fact, it was the day of the Royal Rumble that we set it up, and then we watched said Rumble.
– Watching Shawn Michaels wrestle his last match ever at WrestleMania 26 against The Undertaker in the main event. My usual Mania routine of seeing it on the big screen at Galaxy Cinemas in Saskatoon was thwarted by a flu that bit me something fierce, but it was still an epic battle and an emotional moment to see a childhood hero call it a day.
– An epic Canada Day celebration at my mother’s tavern here in Conquest. Along with celebrating the birth of our nation, it was a Rider Tailgate Party as the team kicked off their season in Regina against the Montreal Alouettes. Free hot dogs, warm and sunny weather, watching the game outside and to top it off, fireworks at the end of the night. Only in a small town.
– The Dallas family reunion also held that same July long weekend was a blast. We had it at the farm where my mom and her siblings grew up and it was cool seeing some family that I hadn’t talked to in years.
– The biggest highlight for me was in early August when I hit the road and drove to Calgary for a few days. Originally, brother Brendon was going to come with me but there’s something to be said for road-tripping it alone. The Calgary Zoo, the old Hart family home, Owen Hart’s grave, seeing those things and doing everything else was such a good time and I’m definitely thinking of making it a yearly trip. Or if not Calgary again, then somewhere else but still going it alone.
– Seeing one of my best friends get married just days after getting back from Calgary was also a huge thrill, and again one of those things that drills into your head just how fast time flies by. Chris and Kristin were made for each other and they deserve all the happiness on Earth.
– Meeting John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells and Mike Smith, AKA Julian, Ricky and Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys after their Saskatoon show on October 21 was excellent. Approachable, down to Earth and very laid back guys.

So, those were among the bigger things that made for a memorable 2010. What’s on the horizon for 2011? Well, one big thing will be in July when Conquest holds its centennial celebrations. My hometown is turning the big 1-0-0 and I expect a party of the most historic proportions. That’ll be cool to experience and I myself intend to give the event as much coverage as possible.

The other thing is a project I’ve been at work on for the last few months; a film adaptation of the Stephen King short story, “Mute”.

Back in August – in fact, on my 25th birthday – I received news via email that I had written permission from King’s office to go ahead with an adaptation of the story. In short, it was a very cool birthday present and I was extremely pumped to have this opportunity.

Flash forward to today, and I’m in the last few stages of writing the script and doing all the things that filmmakers do in the pre-production stage; looking at equipment costs, figuring out a budget, scouting shooting locations, those sort of things. I’m happy with how the script has taken shape and feel that I have something special that hopefully opens some doors of future opportunities.

My goal is to be completely finished the script by the end of this month and begin potential casting. The great thing about creating your first real film project is that you aren’t on any deadlines and the only time you’re eating up is your own. That doesn’t mean I don’t wanna get tearing into this film, because right now I’m targeting May for my shooting period. That gives me February, March and April to get everything else done, such as raising the budget, hiring the actors and confirming my locations and shooting schedule. And about a billion little other things that’ll no doubt accompany these tasks.

In addition to almost being finished with the script, I went ahead and created a Facebook fan page for my production company name, Gang 04 Films. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever learned about independent film making, and honestly it’s just good common sense, is that you have to create a buzz about your film and yourself. Get your name out there and hype your movie as the best thing since Led Zeppelin. So that’s what I’m trying to do. Hopefully I get a good crowd of people wanting to take this crazy ride I’m gonna get on called “shooting a ridiculously low-budget film” and create a stir. Time will tell.

With that, I bid you good day.

I’m out,

Gang 04 Films