Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal…

Posted: December 22, 2010 in life

…and a Happy New Year. *BOOM*

Yep, it’s December 22 and Christmas is a mere three days away. Hard to believe, but then again we probably all say that at this time of year. The holidays just have that weird way of creeping up on us.

This year the Ruttle clan is headed out to Calgary and the festivities are being held at my oldest brother Jim’s home, as well as some other getting-together at brother John’s. I’m looking forward to it and it should be a good time.

What I’m not looking forward to is the drive out there, because I have nothing to listen to in my car since my Sirius radio subscription ran out. I’ve been looking everywhere for those damn prepaid subscription cards but can’t find them anywhere. I may just phone all the Walmarts in Saskatoon after work today and possibly make a last-minute drive up there and pick one up if somebody actually carries them. Long story short – I wanted to listen to the History of Howard Stern, Act Four.

But I digress. What’s really important is that Christmas is upon us and being with family is the best part of it. Aside from celebrating the holiday season, my brother Brendon and I are taking a little side trip the morning of Christmas Eve to visit, you guessed it, the infamous Hart family mansion. I saw it in August when I was in Calgary on my summer vacation, so now it’s Brendon’s turn. We’re also planning on visiting Owen Hart’s grave, which I’ve also seen before. All in all, it should be a memorable trip for several reasons.

Anyway, I’m done work in just a short bit and then we have a sweet week off. It couldn’t have come any sooner.

Peace y’all,


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