Posted: November 17, 2010 in radio, wrestling

I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve been on a real kick lately reading and watching anything online regarding the Iron Sheik, the legendary wrestling star who is perhaps more famous these days for his R-rated rants and random promos on everybody from Hulk Hogan to the Ultimate Warrior. The guy is just a blast to listen to and it’s even more hysterical if you’ve been a wrestling freak all your life, like myself.

But this is what these old wrestlers live for in this day and age. Their time in the ring is done and they want to stay relevant, so if you’re the Iron Sheik, you stir up some controversy and create a newer persona; one that is easy to anger, has endless insults for anyone he’s crossed paths with and makes threats that he’ll “SLAP ON THE CAMEL CLUTCH, BREAK YOUR FUCKING BACK AND MAKE YOU HUMBLE!!!”

So here’s a gem for you. The Iron Sheik meets the REAL Iron Sheik from the Howard Stern show in August 2007. I couldn’t stop laughing….


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