And so it begins…

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Of all the technological advances that humankind has developed and promoted to death in the last decade, the blog is the simplest form of cyber networking and communication. I fancy myself a pretty savvy guy when it comes to keeping an eye on trends and whatnot, but I’ve never been one to keep an online journal of my various views, opinions and bursts of creativity.

Until now.

Yep, I’ve finally made the leap and decided that I’m so important and admired that people would want to read my everyday thoughts on the media, pop culture, life, work, and my life outside of work. And so, The Chronicles of Ruttle was born.

In addition to my endless rants and sometimes incoherent, nonsensical ramblings, this little chunk of the Web will be the home of my column on pro wrestling, “Blood On The Canvas”. With a Facebook page consisting of a whopping 40 fans (that’s more than three dozen!) and its other appearances on and, “Blood” will make its permanent home in The Chronicles and branch out from here.

I don’t bombard people with pokes, likes and a mountain of applications on Facebook, I don’t text everyone with my minute-to-minute thoughts on an iPhone or Blackberry, I don’t bow to corporate music packages wrapped in the next “teen sensation” and I certainly don’t Tweet, Twit or Twat. I’m just a writer. The only thing I’m doing here is opening up the book that is my life and allowing anyone and everyone to read the pages as they are written.

It’s a speaking platform, it’s a rant-filled soapbox, it’s The Chronicles of Ruttle. As I end this long-winded introduction, let me leave you with some words of wisdom that have only made my own life easier:

Baba Booey Baba Booey, Howard Stern’s penis, Baba Booey Baba Booey

– Derek


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